OneWeb’s executive informs the British officials that the firm will shift production of its second-generation satellites to the United Kingdom. Whereas another executive says that the company has a pending decision on where to build those satellites.

On a hearing on 8th December by the U.K. Parliament’s science and technology committee, Chris says the following –

  • The company intends in order to build a second generation of satellites in the U.K. beginning in the middle of the decade.
  • To your viewpoint about if we will bring the industrial unit to the U.K., the answer is yes.
  • The aim is to develop Gen 2 and the accompanying technology in the U.K.

Answering a member if there were any strategies to shift satellite production to the nation.

(Chris McLaughlin is the chief of government, regulatory affairs and engagement at OneWeb.)

Chris says OneWeb is preparing to invest $3 billion in the growth of that second-generation constellation. He adds that those ideas did not vary on any financial support from the British government. “We will begin to plan Gen 2 in 2022, so by 2024-25 we will be constructing in the U.K.”

There was a panel discussion on 14th December at Euroconsult’s World Satellite Business Week in Paris. Massimiliano Ladovaz argues that those comments are misunderstood in media statements after the hearing. Massimiliano is the chief technology officer of OneWeb.

Ladovaz says that the firm issues requests for data concerning its Gen 2 plans, that will be followed by “competitive” appeals for proposal. “We will take the best,” he says.

Airbus, he adds, is at work in order to find additional clients for satellites that can be built at the Florida factory. This is utilizing a bus based on the design applied for OneWeb. “Thanks to this investment that we have made, I see more buyers extremely fascinated in the standard version of our bus,” he adds. He declined, however, to discuss specific prospects.

“Stay tuned.”

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