HawkEye 360

Investment for Expansion

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Insight Partners and Seraphim Space Financing Trust led a $145 million Series D investment round for Hawkeye 360.

HawkEye 360, an RF data reconnaissance company, will use the funds to extend its satellite constellation and ground infrastructure. According to a Nov. 8 news release, it will also improve services for customers involved in environmental, humanitarian, commercial, and national security missions.

The Strategic Development Fund, an investment arm of Tawazun Holding in the United Arab Emirate, provided additional capital for HawkEye 360’s Series D round.

Joining the investment round, the new investors were,

  • Jacobs
  • Gula Tech Adventures
  • 116 Street Ventures
  • New North Ventures, and
  • existing investors

Hawkeye 360, situated in Herndon, Virginia, has now raised $302 million with this latest windfall. “HawkEye 360 is ecstatic to welcome incredible new partners to our world-class investing family.” We all share the same objective of leveraging cutting-edge commercial RF-monitoring technology to benefit people and the environment.” John Serafini, the company’s CEO, added his two cents.

The Aim of Association

“We are excellently poised to produce enormous value for the defense as a fresh, well-backed space data and analytics firm with a unique dual-use technology.” The establishment of intelligence and national security communities is also a goal. Change the paradigm for organizations facing complex difficulties such as illegal fishing, poaching, maritime smuggling, and environmental degradation is also on the list.”

Hawkeye 360 uses nine satellites in three clusters to identify, analyze, and geolocate radio frequency signals. UHF push-to-talk radios, VHF marine radios, maritime, L-band satellite devices, land-based radar systems, and emergency beacons are the sources of these signals.

Excitement to work together

Insight Partners managing director Nick Sinai, who will join HawkEye 360’s board, said in a statement, “We are excited to work with HawkEye 360 as the firm continues to build up and expand its geospatial intelligence technology capabilities for both government and commercial sectors.”

HawkEye 360 and Seraphim Space formed a partnership in 2017. The startup also took part in the Seraphim-managed AWS Space Accelerator. The corporation will make a $25 contribution to the Series D round. According to Boggett, CEO of Seraphim Space LLP, the investment “reflects the potential we believe this revolutionary technology will have across the environmental and security sectors.”

“We are certain that HawkEye 360 has a technological advantage as well as commercial and government partnerships. This will aid in the rapid transformation, reformation, and development of the sector on a global basis.”

HawkEye 360 has obtained federal contracts, including a $10 million base contract with options. It aided the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in discovering, characterizing, and mapping RF-emitting operations in the United States. HawkEye 360 was given a study contract by the US National Reconnaissance Office in 2019.

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