The chief executive of Ukrainian state energy giant Naftogaz alleges Russia’s Gazprom of utilizing natural gas as a geopolitical defense. This is calling on the following nations in order to take action against Moscow –

  • U. S.
  • Germany

This is while it anticipates regulatory consent for a controversial pipeline project.

It comes soon following the International Energy Agency, the planet’s energy watchdog. This arises in order to call on Russia to send more gas to Europe in order to relieve the region’s intensifying supply crisis.

The IEA’s statement on Tuesday was seen as an unusual rebuke of the Kremlin. It lent further assistance in order to the view that Moscow plays a role in Europe’s energy crisis.

This is alongside market drivers such as –

  • Very strong commodity prices
  • Low wind output

Naftogaz CEO Yuriy Vitrenko says that Russia’s state-owned energy massive Gazprom was controlling the state’s energy crisis. This is in order to try to improve the case for starting flows via Nord Stream 2.

The pipeline is meant in order to provide Russian gas immediately to Germany via the Baltic Sea, bypassing the following –

  • Ukraine
  • Poland

Critics claim the pipeline is not consistent with European climate goals, strengthens the state’s dependency on Russian energy exports. This will most possibly reinforce Russian President Vladimir Putin’s economic and governmental authority over the state.

The construction of Nord Stream 2 was finished earlier this month. Germany’s energy regulator has subsequently said it currently has four months in order to carry out certification of the project. This is after obtaining all necessary paperwork for an operational license.

Naftogaz’s Vitrenko says Gazprom was intentionally withholding gas supplies to Europe. This is obstructing approach in order to the gas transmission system of Ukraine from other Russian companies. Also, it is preventing exports from Central Asia that could go to Ukraine via Russia.

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