The U.S. Space Force has an acquisitions wing known as the Space Systems Command. A single Space Rapid Capabilities Office that obtains classified systems reports to the chief of the Space Force.

The following agencies also oversee space acquisitions programs –

And many satellite programs are also run in cooperation with the National Reconnaissance Office, a U.S. intelligence organization.

In spite of a combination of companies that manage space acquisitions, the Space Force and the intelligence group have held up a matching group. This is in order to make sure there is “unity of effort,” says Lt. Gen. Michael Guetlein. Michael is the commander of the Space Systems Command and mentions the above on 20th September. This is during a panel conversation at the Air Force Association’s Air Space & Cyber conference.

The chief of the U.S. Space Force Gen. John “Jay” Raymond has set up on the service. This is in order to move more rapidly with the procurement of new technologies in order to stay ahead of rivals like China.

“Our procedures are archaic, and our methods are slowing us down,” says Guetlein.

The number of companies “that all have a touch in the procurement pot of space has really grown in recent years, not gotten smaller,” he says. “Also, in order for us to get after the terror, to get the responsiveness and the innovation that we require, we need a harmony of effort. And that is actually what we have been attempting to drive.”

Guetlein says a “program integration council” chaired by the following brings together representatives from all the space purchasing companies –

  • Raymond
  • NRO Director Chris Scolese

The companies that need the gear — U.S. Space Command and Space Operations Command. That management “benefits us get after the threat,” he says.

Another alteration in the organization of space procurement is coming in the nearby future when the Department of the Air Force nominates -— and the Senate settles — an associate secretary of the Air Force for space procurement and incorporation, who will be the civilian procurement executive for space programs.

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