Kamala Harris to position her “personal stamp” on the National Space Council

Vice President Kamala Harris to position her “personal stamp” on the National Space Council as it holds on both current and new significances below the Biden administration.

Senior administration officials speak in the background in a call with reporters on May 1. They affirm that the administration will maintain the National Space Council which is an interagency body applied to harmonize space policy throughout the federal government. The vice president chairs the council by law.

On March 29, the White House announces that the council which revives by the Trump administration in 2017. This is after a pause of almost a quarter-century that would persist under the latest administration. At the time, however, they share not many details about how it would function.

In the call, officials say they are in the procedure of appointing a new executive secretary who would handle the daily tasks of the council. The appointment process is “well in progress,” mentions one senior administration official, however, shares no estimate on the joining date.

Also uncertain is when the first official meeting of the council will be held. “The vice president will be joining stakeholders, involving members of that council, all the way,” an official confirms. “And then when we suppose it is valuable to have the first complete meeting, we shall have it.”

The council’s structure is like past administrations and will also preserve the Users’ Advisory Group. The group is the establishment by the Trump administration in order to notify the council as it operates on a variety of policy issues.

Officials mention the following details in the call:
  • “There have constantly been specific core significances, I suppose, we split with the previous administrations that have had a National Space Council”
  • “That is preserving our leadership in the following utilizing it to create our basic science advantage and country security:
    • Civil
    • Commercial
    • National security space
  • “The vice president also plans to place her own individual stamp on the council”
Officials mention that Harris will form what concerns the council addresses citing as examples such as:
  • Climate change
  • Cybersecurity
  • STEM education (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)
Other subjects the council will tackle, as defined in the call, include the following:
  • Sustainable expansion of commercial space activities
  • Advancing customs and behaviors for peaceful space activities
  • International collaboration in space discovery


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