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The selection of Boeing and Northrop Grumman is undertaken in order to create jam-resistant telecommunications loads for the U.S. Space Force’s Protected Tactical Satcom curriculum.

The Space and Missile Systems Center in February 2020 and March 2020 awards the following with the values as under:
  • Boeing – $191 million
  • Lockheed Martin – $240 million
  • Northrop Grumman – $253 million

The grant is in order to model prototype cargos for the Protected Tactical Satcom series known as PTS. Only Boeing and Northrop Grumman get the nod to progress into the next stage of the curriculum. Space and Missile Systems Center confirm the same on 22nd April in an announcement.

Boeing’s and Northrop Grumman’s cargos release to space in 2024 on military or industrial satellite for an on-orbit presentation. The PTS prototypes’ examinations are undertaken by the Space Force as conceivable resolutions. This is in its next-generation reliable communications satellites that over the 10 years could enhance or replace current systems. The systems include the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellites which apply for classified-level networks.

SMC says that each servicer’s design “purposely gauges on cargo execution, extensibility to full manufacture, modularity, hospitality, price, plan, and threat.”

The evaluations are complete in March, says SMC. “In harmony with the ratified possession strategy and achievement of the initial design phase. The program office selects Boeing and Northrop Grumman in order to achieve design, build-up, exam, and eventually release two cargos for on-orbit exhibition and residual functions.”

SMC mentions a “full and open contest” schedule for the next stage of PTS. The details of which are still under discussion after which the decision to arrive.

On 22nd April, Northrop Grumman mention in a news release that the firm demonstrates the interoperability of its prototype with the direction’s PTS test station. In addition, it examines the anti-jam waveform which shields telecommunications signals from disturbances.

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