Albedo elevations $10 million for industry to extend ultra-high-resolution Earth metaphors

Albedo is the space start-up preparing to present Earth metaphors with a resolution of 10 centimeters per pixel. The firm put up $10 million in a seed financing sequence led by Initialized Capital.

Investors consist of the following:
  • Liquid 2 Ventures
  • Soma Capital
  • Jetstream
  • Rebel Fund

Topher Haddad is Albedo’s co-founder and CEO. He said, “the financing will be utilized in order to employ additional engineers on both space and ground teams. In addition, the funds will apply to carry on the advancement of the first satellite with our associate suppliers.”

On 22nd April, in a funding release Albedo also discloses a schedule of angel investors, which is specified below:
  • Tom Sheridan – retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen.
  • Keith Masback – former CEO of the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation
  • Kevin Mahaffey – Lookout co-founder
  • Daniel Kan – Cruise co-founder and chief product officer
  • Immad Akhund – Mercury co-founder and CEO
  • James Park – Fitbit cofounder and former CEO
  • Harsh Patel – former Galvanize CEO

One of the company’s objectives was to entice investors with space-related skills and investors with involvement in running firms in adjacent businesses. Those could instruct Albedo on combining its software-as-a-service method. This is in order with the mission of creating and functioning a collection of satellites, Haddad said.

Albedo intends to conduct a fleet of fridge-sized satellites in order to gather electro-optical metaphors with a 10-centimeter resolution. Along with thermal metaphors with a 2-meter resolution. The firm founded in Austin and Denver sees functions for its metaphors and data inventions in businesses like agriculture, insurance, and energy.

The list of vital use instances for high-quality satellite metaphors is virtually unending — from agriculture to conveniences to the following:
  • Mapping
  • Energy
  • Climate
  • Emissions tracking
  • Disaster relief
  • Urban planning

Brett Gibson, Initialized Capital general companion, said the above in a report. “Firms and units we depend on need clearer and more precise metaphors in order to gain important perceptions. Albedo’s squad of specialists is applying evolving space technologies and establishing modern architecture to secure and provide superior metaphors quicker.”

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