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Moon Jae-in (South Korea’s president) takes a pledge to deploy the nation’s first robotic lunar landing on a rocket which is in-house production by 2030. Mr. President also made an announcement that there is an ongoing feasibility test to deliver a spaceship Apophis – an asteroid that expects to travel close to Earth in 2029.

On 25th March at Naro Space Center in Goheung, Mr. Jae addresses the nation. In his speech, he reveals that the space explorations not only focus but also host other initiatives targeted to strengthen the nation’s space production capacity. He added. “There is an aggressive press for tough space explorations ventures that conclude on the basis of groundwork done by the concept of a Korean launch vehicle. There is speculation to use the launched vehicle to fulfill the target of walking on the moon by 2030. The technical progress, knowledge, and trust received from the first phase in the space discovery, exploring the moon provides a strong base for space development.”

From the office of the President since May 2018, this is the first public address on space exploration activities. The incident occurred 3 days after the CAS500-1 remote sensing spacecraft from South Korea set its launch into space by a Russian Soyuz-2.1 rocket. Since 2015, the state-finances Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI). The research institute (KARI) collaborates on the 500-kg satellite with a community of industry partners. These firms share their key technological insights with the institute, making this happen for the first time.

Mr. Moon Jae-in added, “The research institute receives finance in phases from the state which could pass on to the private sector. A planned structural improvement is required in order to create a space business group and rejuvenate the space service sector.” The president makes emphasis the significance of private industry players in Korea’s space exploration efforts. Moon Jae-in also makes special mentions to create an “inventive industrial environment that encourages global space organizations like SpaceX.”

The president also addresses the nation on the enhancement of the foreign efficiency of made-in-Korea satellite programs. This is in order to approach the launch of the following:

  • 6G cellular networks
  • Self-driving cars
  • Other goods and services improved by satellites

Mr. Moon Jae-in added, “We expect an improvement in our space-linked national defense system in a sustainable way. Achievement is possible if we build a pilot system of transmission satellites to bring in the 6G age. A Korean-engineered satellite navigation program is essential for the autonomous vehicle, the drone industry, and the nanosatellite constellation system.”

There is a testing facility on the Moon which is built at the Naro Space Center for a solid-propellant launch. The facility is built in order to stimulate the development of private-sector launch vehicle companies. In addition, the President adds that since the Prime Minister is also the chairperson of the Korean National Space Committee. And hence, his rank to is ought to improve.

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