Amazon Dunfermline installs approximately 6000 units of Solar Panels under its clean energy drive

The solar panels built at the Amazon Dunfermline plant help in providing sufficient energy power to more than 300 households. The size of over 1.5 million square feet (the size of 17 football fields) is dedicated to the distribution center which accommodates 5,900 built modular solar panels. This project is Amazon’s efforts towards the clean energy switch which is completely powered with clean energies by 2050. The initiative is also a part of The Climate Pledge which is a vow to become free from carbon in all the operations by 2040.

Jamie Strain (Project head at Amazon’s Dunfermline site) stated, “We are going to invest in the on-site solar arrays to reach 100 percent clean electricity by 2025, and I am glad that Amazon’s fulfillment center in Dunfermline is willing to play a role in this. We’re engaging in these types of sustainability and clean energy programs because they’re healthy for the atmosphere, our cities, and our bottom line.”

Few insights on Amazon’s green energies:

  • The World’s largest consumer of green energies is Amazon which includes 187 solar and wind projects globally.
  • The solar and wind projects generate over 6.9 gigawatts of power/year.
  • The electricity production is over 20 million MWh megawatt-hours/year.
  • Global facilities include 62 utility-scale wind and solar schemes along with 125 solar rooftops.

Douglas Chapman is MP for Dunfermline and West Fife. Appreciations from him contained excitement for Amazon’s installations of hundreds of solar panels.  At the Dunfermline fulfillment center, the moto is to be a net-zero enterprise. Mr. Chapman added, “In the year when we host the most significant climate summit of the century, COP26 in Glasgow, it’s crucial that the private sector not only contributes but also leads the way in cutting carbon emissions and promoting clean energy alternatives. “Businesses like Amazon are reducing the possibility of a global crisis in the future by reducing carbon emissions now. That is something that we all look forward to.”

Jeff Bezos is the CEO and Founder of Amazon. He states we support combat against climate change. This is by way of rapid growth in order to fuel the companies with clean green energy. Amazon is the largest corporate purchaser of green sources which include 127 solar and wind facilities. Jeff mentions being on the right track to operate entirely on green energies by 2025. The latest timeline mentioned is 5 years before the initial target – 2030. According to Jeff, this initiative is only one of the many in order to reach the Climate Pledge goals. In addition, Jeff also thanks others at the Amazon groups to work tirelessly to build these ventures are operational.

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